The VX2 Pro Series

Peak Performance & Unmatched Stability

Powerful 500 WATT MOTORS


VMAX VX2 Pro - Up to 37 Miles Range

Built for Endurance, Engineered for Thrills

Savor the adrenaline rush of effortless acceleration and the freedom to conquer steep hills with ease. Encased in robust, durable construction, the VX2 Pro is your trusty companion for any urban adventure, promising a ride that's as exhilarating as it is secure.


Experience the raw power of VMAX's 500-watt motor, designed to deliver incredible acceleration and conquer gradients up to 28%.

Smart Efficiency Meets Power

The VX2 PRO is equipped with intelligent electronics that manage motor efficiency with precision. Take advantage of reduced power consumption for lighter loads and enhanced performance on uphill courses. Optimized for extended range, the VX2 PRO can cover up to 37 miles and maintain a top speed of 19 mph, even when tackling steep inclines.

Precision braking for Secure Rides

The VX2 PRO features a dual-braking system that pairs a drum brake with a regenerative electric brake, offering smooth and controlled stopping power. The regenerative electric brake can effectively manage your speed during downhill rides without requiring the mechanical drum brake. Additionally, the brake lights automatically turn on when you engage the brake lever, adding an extra layer of safety.

See and Be Seen: Extra brightr light

The VX2 PRO's ultra-bright 60 lux front light comes with a double cone and integrated reflector, offering unparalleled illumination for your path and enhancing your visibility when riding at night.

Directional Signals Done Right

Equipped with a top-tier indicator system at both the front handlebars and rear mudguard, the VX2 PRO maximizes your safety when signaling turns in road traffic. The design includes extended handlebars, making sure the front indicators are visible from behind and not blocked by the rider, for an additional layer of safety.