36V/400W Motor

25% Incline

The VX5 Series

Compact yet powerful, our VX5 series redefines on-the-go performance. The integrated 36V/400W motor, boasting a peak output of 800 watts, stands as one of the most potent in its class. The VX5 has a top speed of 18mph.

Enhance your nighttime rides with an ultra-bright 60 lux light, ensuring you're not just seen but also can see where you're going.

Light Up Your Ride

Featuring a brilliantly bright 60-lux front light and integrated reflector, our scooter enhances your nighttime riding experience while ensuring you're easily spotted in traffic, thanks to the rear brake light.


The integrated 36V/400W motor sets the standard for mid-range scooters, offering a peak power of 800 watts for quick acceleration and effortless hill climbing up to a 25% gradient.

Regenerative Brakes

In addition to the front wheel's mechanical drum brake, our e-scooter features an electronic regenerative brake on the rear wheel, designed to capture and reuse energy each time you slow down.