How to clean your e-scooter? Read our tips and tricks

How to clean your e-scooter? Read our tips and tricks

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Your scooter is best maintained when it is regularly cleaned. We've gathered some tips and tricks to avoid any damage in the process. Always refer to your scooter's manual for specific advice.

Why Cleaning is Important

E-scooters are exposed to many environmental factors daily: dust, dirt, rain, and more. These can not only affect the aesthetic appearance of your scooter but also cause long-term damage. Regular cleaning helps protect the paint, prevent corrosion, and keep the mechanics in top condition.

How to get Started

Before you start, disconnect your scooter from the power supply, turn it off, and securely close the charging socket. Never use a garden hose or a high-pressure cleaner!

A bucket of warm water and a sponge will suffice for basic cleaning. Add a dash of detergent, and you have everything you need. However, be careful: the moving parts of the scooter are lubricated - degreasing agents are out of place here!

What to Watch out for

Ensure that no water gets into electrical components or connections - to clean these areas, use either a can of compressed air or a brush.

The display can be damaged by cleaning agents and rough sponges - use a dry microfiber cloth instead.

Also, ensure that no lubricant-containing agents get on your brakes or tires to ensure optimal braking performance.

Care Tips

  • Consistency is key: The more often you clean your scooter, the easier it will be to avoid stubborn dirt.

  • Avoid harsh cleaning agents: Never use strong chemicals or solvents that could damage the paint.

  • Don't forget mechanical parts: Regularly check and clean moving parts like wheels and axles to ensure a smooth riding experience.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance not only keep your e-scooter looking new but also ensure it functions flawlessly. Invest a little time in care, and your faithful companion will thank you with lasting performance! Also, make sure to take care of replacement parts in time.

Useful Info When Cleaning

Cleaning your scooter is an excellent opportunity to check all parts for damage. Due to strong vibrations during riding, screws can loosen - if you notice anything, avoid riding until all screws are checked.

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Our Conclusion

Regular cleaning of your e-scooter is essential to maintain its performance. Our guide offers tips to avoid damage and keep your scooter shining. Remember to follow the manual.

  • Environmental factors can harm the scooter, but cleaning protects the paint, prevents corrosion, and keeps mechanics fit.
  • When cleaning: Disconnect the scooter from the power supply, and avoid high-pressure cleaners and harsh agents. Electronics and display require special care.
  • Regularity, gentle cleaning, and mechanical checks are important. Cleaning also provides an opportunity to check for damage. Also, make sure to take care of replacement parts in time. Check out our replacement parts here >>> 

If you have questions or uncertainties: Contact us >>>. Invest time in care - your scooter will thank you with long performance!