The Brand new VMAX App is Here

The Brand new VMAX App is Here

We are excited to announce that the new VMAX APP is now live and available for download in the Apple App Store >>> and Google Play Store >>>.

The new "VMAX E-Scooter" App is a standout feature, taking a leading role in the e-scooter market and elevating your VMAX e-scooter riding experience to a new level.

The app is compatible with all VMAX e-scooters that are equipped with the new TFT color display, including the VX4, R40 Pro and R55 Pro. 

In addition to the possibility of creating your individual rider profile, the app retrieves the current live data of your e-scooter and lets you plan your upcoming route with ease.

Highlight Features of the App

  • Creation of your personal rider profile
  • Retrieval of live data from your scooter: battery capacity, remaining range, current speed, etc.
  • Live map with radius in relation to battery capacity (including consideration of rider weight, route elevation profile, weather)

Plan Your Trips

Trip planning includes a display of the route's elevation profile, distance, duration, remaining range & battery capacity at the destination (all considering the rider profile, weather, and even the terrain!). It also offers the options to choose between the shortest route & Eco (battery-saving). If your battery isn't sufficient for the planned route, the map will show where you're likely to hit 0%.

Additional Features

  • Recording of driven distances + storage of all route data like kilometers driven, trip duration, and average speed etc.
  • Navigation: Live navigation with audio signal on the smartphone in the app + display on the scooter's display

Besides these highlights, the app offers many more settings and provides all relevant information about your e-scooter.

Overview of all Relevant Features

  • Precise Range Forecasting in Percentage
  • Based on real-time data from the e-scooter, learned user behavior, and environmental parameters, our app can predict the remaining range with high precision, which is also used for route calculation.
  • Navigation: The app provides turn-by-turn voice guidance to safely navigate you through the e-scooter-specific route it calculates. It also includes air quality and wind forecasts for your planned ride.
  • Drawing & Planning: Creating a route in free form has never been easier. Simply draw your desired route on the map and let the app create a perfect route for you.
  • Dashboard: By establishing a real-time e-scooter connection, our app can read and display all important parameters.
  • Rides: With our app, you can import existing routes from various sources and also record your own rides to analyze and share them. With the smart automatic ride recording, you won't miss a single trip. However, if you prefer to control the recording manually, you can easily do so with manual recording.
We hope you enjoy testing the app. Feel free to click through and get an overview of the features.