VMAX VX2 PRO Electric Scooter - Tried and Tested Winner

VMAX VX2 PRO Electric Scooter - Tried and Tested Winner

Here at VMAX we've always known that our VX2 Pro electric scooter for adults is an absolute winner. But we wanted to hear what the top scooter experts thought, too. So we sent our VX2 Pro to the Electric Scooter Guide team to get their professional opinion. Electric Scooter Guide (formerly known as Rider Guide) is known to rigorously evaluate more scooters that anyone else, looking at all the important metrics of an e-scooter – how far it goes, how quickly it stops, its top speed, and much more across 25 different tests.

Want to see how our VX2 Pro e-scooter measured up? Let's dive in!

Best-In-Class Electric Scooter for under $1000

Whether you're looking for speed, acceleration, hill climb or range for your commuter electric scooter, the VX2 Pro is a category killer! As Electric Scooter Guide concluded:

"The bigger, faster VMAX VX2 is also a practical choice, for smashing most every single-motor electric scooter under $1000 in every category. From acceleration and top speed to hill climbing and range, the VX2 sped past the competition, while offering stylish design and a firm, stable ride quality"

Let's take a closer look at how the VX2 Pro performed compared to the competition.


With a top speed of 24 MPH, our scooter packs quite the punch and wins the race! As Electric Scooter Guide wrote: "The VX2 Pro GT blows past most scooters in this price range, which tend to max out around 20 to 22 mph."


"The VX2 Pro GT’s “beast mode” is no joke: it actually works, making this the quickest single motor electric scooter in its class." As the tests from Electric Scooter Guide surely show, the VX2 Pro's 500W (with peak power of 1300W) motor is the most powerful around, offering tremendous torque and acceleration. 

Hill Climb

As VMAX is a company that was born and bred in Switzerland, building scooters with amazing hill climbing abilities is an absolute must. The VX2 Pro, which handles gradients up to 28% clearly stands out from the competition. "The most powerful in its class, not only out-accelerating other scooters, but also beating them up the hill by a full 2 to 6 seconds," is exactly what we expect from our electric scooters.



You'll certainly be able to go the distance with the VX2 Pro. "Nothing we’ve tested at this price has gone this far.... I was riding fully unlocked in Beast Mode the whole time.” We take pride in both the range of the VX2 Pro and also in the accuracy of the specs we provide. 


Upgrade to the VX2 Pro E-Scooter

Check out all of the specs and see current pricing on the VX2 Pro today. Keep in mind that at VMAX we offer 3 different models on our VX2 Pro series. Starting with the LT which most affordable and has a range of 22 miles, the ST with a range of 28 miles and the GT model which has the furthest range in the series of 37 miles.

Have any questions? Take a look at the video below for a very close up and in-depth look at the VX2 Pro. Also, don't hesitate to reach out to us in our Help Center and on Facebook, Instagram and X.