The VMAX Scooter Revolution: Unmatched Quality. Unbeatable Prices.

The VMAX Scooter Revolution: Unmatched Quality. Unbeatable Prices.

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A Commitment to Quality

In late 2023, VMAX embarked on a mission to disrupt the electric scooter market in the USA by introducing Swiss-quality scooters. From our IPX6 waterproof rating and UL certified batteries to our comprehensive 24-month warranty, we have always been committed to elevating the e-scooter industry's standards. Add to that our extremely powerful motors, unparalleled hill-climbing ability, high payload capacity, and innovative features like brake lights, blinkers, and 10" tubeless tires – VMAX is looking to raise the bar on quality.

A Commitment to Affordability

As we continue to make important strides in increasing quality, we're taking an equally important step: making our premium scooters more affordable. We're thrilled to announce a significant price reduction of 20% across our entire range of scooters. This isn't just a discount; it's our commitment to offering the best value for a premium e-scooter experience.

VMAX E-Scooter

Behind the Price Reduction

Our decision to lower prices is rooted in a careful analysis of our costs. While our European origins meant incorporating VAT into our pricing, the American market allows us a unique opportunity. By eliminating the VAT factor in the U.S., we're passing on these savings directly to you, the customer. This 20% price drop reflects our dedication to making VMAX scooters the smartest, most affordable choice for American scooter riders.

VMAX. Time for E-Quality.

We're really excited to be able to make our scooters even more affordable and bring the fun, convenience and unparalleled quality of VMAX electric scooters to even more riders across America. This price drop is about bringing our vision of sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable transportation to a wider audience.

Ready to join the VMAX revolution? Explore our range of premium electric scooters at unbeatable prices. Experience the future of urban mobility – where e-quality meets affordability.