VX2 Pro vs VX5 e-scooters: What's the difference

VX2 Pro vs VX5 e-scooters: What's the difference

One question we get asked often here at VMAX is what are the main differences between the VMAX VX2 Pro and VX5 electric scooters.

Before we jump into the differences though, we should mentioned some of the features that are similar. For starters, both the VX2 Pro and VX5 electric scooters are rated IPX6 waterproof. That means, whether you're caught out in the rain or riding through puddles, your VMAX scooter is designed to handle water without a problem. Additionally, it is important to mention that both the VX5 and VX2 Pro have batteries which are UL certified. As this is quickly becoming the standard across the country for e-scooters and e-bikes and already law in some places like NYC we are proud to offer this high standard for our VMAX scooters. It's also worth noting that both the VX5 and VX2 Pro are equipped with a Drum Brake in the front and an Electronic Regenerative Brake in the rear. As well, both scooters have an ultra-bright 60 lux headlight and brake light. Lastly, we want to note that both scooters come with our full 2-year warranty again all defects. 

Where do the scooters differ than you may be asking? 

Well, as the VX5 model is our most basic, entry level e-scooter, it obviously comes at a lower price starting from just $399. The VX2 Pro, which brings with it added power and more features has a starting price of $699.  

Here are some of the main features that differentiate these two leading commuter scooter models: 
  • Range. The range on the VX2 is more or less double that of the VX5. The VX5 has a range of either 11 miles, 17 miles or 22 miles depending on weather you get the LT, ST or GT. The VX2 Pro LT can travel up 22 miles, the ST goes 28 miles, and the VX2 Pro GT has a max range of 37 miles.
  • Speed. Top speed on the VX2 Pro is 24 MPH. That's a big advantage over the VX5 which clocks in with a top speed of 18 MPH.
  • Wheel Size. The wheels on the VX5 are 8.5 inch tube tires. The VX2 Pro, on the other hand, comes with 10 inch tubeless tires which gives you a very smooth ride.
  • Turning Signals. The VX2 Pro has blinkers on the sides of the handle bar and also in the rear of the scooter which is a nice added safety feature which comes in handy particularly on night rides.

VX2 Pro rear turn signal

For the complete list of specs and features check out the product page for each model. If you're interested in any of our other VMAX Electric Scooter models, you can look at the comparison tool we have available. As always, happy riding and let us know if you have any other questions!