The load capacity of the 2024 VMAX E-Scooters is between 265 to 330 lbs. But many are wondering: What if I have a heavy backpack with me or spontaneously made a few purchases? In this article you will find out what our electric scooters are capable of carrying. 

As the manufacturer, we state the maximum payload in lbs in our user manual and we commit that our scooters, for example the VX4 are built for riders weighing up to 330 lbs. Don't forget that your clothes, personal items and possibly a backpack or laptop bag add a few extra lbs. 

Increased wear

In certain micromobility online forums and Telegram groups, you might read that e-scooters work perfectly even for riders that are heavier than the declared load capacity. This may be the case with some models. However, it's important to keep in mind that the extra weight can affect the life of the scooter as it's not engineered to carry more than what's advertised. Considerable damage to components such as axles, brake discs or tires is possible when the maximum payload is exceeded over a longer period of time.

Extended braking distances

If the total payload is too high, dynamic riding is made more difficult, the braking distances increase. This means less safety when riding and a delayed reaction. In addition, the strain on the brakes increases which results in faster wear of the e-scooter. 

VMAX Scooter

Less power - less range

More load means that more power is required. If the maximum power is exceeded, your scooter may not reach the top speed at all or only slowly. This makes it more difficult to ride uphill and the range of the e-scooter is also reduced and no longer corresponds to the manufacturer's official information.


We recommend not to exceed the recommended maximum payload for safety and to make sure your scooter lasts for a long time.