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VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter
Electric Scooter Guide, February 24, 2024
This New-To-America VMAX Electric Scooter Is A Blast To Ride
Forbes Magazine
VMAX VX5: Balancing Performance and Price - $599
RiderGuide Review, 30 December 2023
VMAX Vx5 review by RiderGuide

VMAX VX2 Pro: a Swiss quality e-scooter, now available in the US 
VX2 Pro: The ‘Swiss Watch of E-scooters’ Hits American Shores
While Europe has traditionally been the brand’s main market over the last 8 years, VMAX launched in the US and Canada earlier in 2023 and has been growing ever since.
ZAG Daily Article by Sela Musa, 13 November 2023
VMAX Electric Scooters taking a break from riding


State of the Micromobility Nation
Looking back on a hectic launch schedule at Micromobility America, VMAX CEO Dani Horwitz shares his insights on the current state of the North American micromobility market
ZAG Daily Article by Dani Horwitz, 25 October 2023
“Become an OEM and you control the quality”
Serial entrepreneur Dany Dätwiler reveals for the first time the origins of his Swiss brand VMAX and how it became a sizeable OEM producing vast quantities of e-scooters each year.
ZAG Daily Article by Ben Hubbard, 5 October 2023
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VMAX VX2 Pro Electric Scooter WHAT 2 YEAR WARRANTY 
VMAX VX2 Pro review
The VMAX VX5 Electric Scooter is a Steal at $599!
VMAX has made their way over to North America and their entry-level scooter, the VX5, delivers a lot of bang for the buck. In this full review, Mitchell goes over what he loves about the VX5 and what could be improved. See if this electric scooter is right for you, then go check it out at the link below!
Rider Guide review, 12.30.2023
RiderGuide VMAX Vx5 review
A Swiss Designed Commuter Escooter for Americans? VX2 Pro VMAX Escooter Review
The VMAX brand just entered the US market but it has been around since 2015 selling electric scooters in Europe. At first glance, the VX2 Pro looks similar to other commuter scooters but they have made subtle changes that make a huge difference. We had a chance to get a first-hand experience with the VX2 Pro and were impressed with the Swiss engineering and design.
Will the VX2 Pro be able to crack a US market filled with fierce competition in the electric commuter scooter space? In this review, we unbox, set up, walkthrough, take it for a spin, and tell you what we love and hate about the VMAX VX2 Pro.
FreshlyCharged review, 11.25.2023
VMAX Freshly Charged
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